Dipan Ghosh


Welcome to my small corner in the internet. I am Dipan. Nice to meet you.

I have a passion for photography and over time, I have developed a small collection of photographs. I intend to present the collection here. Once or twice a year, I travel to different places, and photo albums from the trips also makes there way here. I am also interested in Graphics Design, Computer Hardware and Programming

Currently, I work as a scientist in the Pharmaceutical industry. Combining computational skills with Biology and and Chemistry I develop tools and work wih Medicinal Chemists in Drug Discovery projects. you can learn more about my professional qualifications here or at at LinkedIn


The Ghosh Family

Family is the first mode of interaction for anyone, and family also acts as the structural and functional unit of a society. About my family, there are not enough words I can say. They have always been the best I have known.

To know a virtuous principle is one thing, to carry it out is completely another. I have seen my mum be a living image of tolerance, and my father be a man of principle. It is their initial image, that went on to manifest into myself, nurtured by the environment of the Ramakrishna Mission. My father had very little income in the early days of my life, just enough to support the family. But my father had a big heart, we used to go to tours all over the India, and he always gave me what I needed at the time, just in time, piece by piece. Although staying in hostel matures you it its own way, my father had a big role to play, which in turn manifested in the parent child relationship being very frank beautiful one.